Twitty Twisters

Entrancing stuff from my husband -- and favorite (Microsoft Office) painter -- Aaron Beck.


Twitty Twisters is Aaron Beck's loving tribute to the great Conway "I've Already Loved You in My Mind" Twitty. Working exclusively with brushes, pencils, and calligraphy pens from his desktop Windows Paint tool kit, Beck speed-paints daily images of Twitty from around the world. "Twitty was an amazing southern man," says Beck. "He was a living, breathing, country-soul singer with huge physical and emotional appetites. He was the human, Technicolor amalgamation of a classic country buffet, a pair of white Levi's Action Slacks, and a 64-ounce tumbler of gas station sweet tea. Some say he had an actual chicken fried steak for a heart, and I know for a fact that even before his first bypass, he had elective open-heart surgery so a doctor could swap out his God-given aorta for a fresh one from a sow he'd reared himself."